How Do Bail Bonds Work?

If you or a loved one is in the situation where you require a bail bonds in Los Angeles, it Arrestecan be a very confusing and difficult time. The bail bond system is notoriously convoluted and difficult to understand. Every state has its own bail bond system. The bail bond system simply allows someone who is being tried for a crime to remain free for the length of the trial by paying an amount of money. If a bail is not paid, then the defendant will typically have to spend the duration of the trial behind bars.

To begin learning about how bail bonds actually work, it is important to really understand some key terminology and the role they play in the whole process. Bail is money that the defendant gives to the court so that the judge will release the defendant while the trial is ongoing. Obviously, you or a loved one would much rather spend the duration of your trial at home than in a cell…..Read more


Bail Bonds

How to Choose the Right Bail Bondsman

Bail bonds are oftentimes the type of thing that you have to learn about in a time of tragedy and hardship either personally or for a friend or loved one. Many people have probably heard about bail, but very few people really know how the whole process works.


First, let’s talk about what bail is. When a defendant is arrested, a judge can release him or her on bail. Bail simply refers to an amount of money paid to the court so that the defendant can remain free during the duration of the trial. If a bail is not paid, then the defendant is locked up while awaiting a trial. Bail is not always an option for a defendant. If a judge considers a defendant to be a flight risk or if the defendant has a history of skipping court dates then the judge will typically then order the defendant to be held without bail, but if bail is issued typically a bail bond is required to pay it.

So what is a bail bond? A bail bond is issued by a bail bond agent. A bail bond allows most people to get their loved ones out of bail. When you or a loved one is in need of bail, typically the amount of bail is too much to pay. So you go to a bail bond agent who, after having you put down typically ten percent and some sort of collateral, pays the rest of the bail for you through a bail bond. This allows you or a loved one to stay out of jail while awaiting your trial.

Once the defendant shows up for court and the trial has concluded, the judge gives the bail back to the defendant and the bail bond agent. The bail bond agent gets to keep the ten percent you gave them in exchange for posting up the ninety-percent needed to get you out of jail. If the defendant does not show up for jail, the bail bond agent can come after you and attempt to bring you into court. Sometimes this is done through a bounty hunter through the laws governing this all vary state by state. If you cosign a bail bond and the defendant fails to show up to court, you may lose whatever asset or assets you put up for collateral such as a house or car. It’s very important to think carefully about co-signing a bail bond.

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Bail Bonds

Beware Of Bail Bond Scammers

In this day and age, many different types of scams are perpetuated over the phone, in an attempt to get unsuspecting victims to pay money, usually through credit cards. One of the ones that are currently making the rounds are bail bond scammers. This scam is typically done by having someone, claiming to be a bail bond agent, call you, saying that one of your loved ones is in jail and needs you to pay their bail in order for them to get out. A couple of things to know to avoid falling for this scam is that money is rarely if ever, paid over the phone to a bail bond agent or to the court. If one of your loved ones or friends is arrested, a judge will set bail. Bail is money that must be paid to the court in order for your friend or loved one to be let out of jail. A bail bond agent or bail bondsman will typically allow you to pay them ten percent of the whole bail required from the court. The bail bondsmen then pay the rest of the bail to the court.

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Whether Or Not to Bail Someone Out of Jail?

Bailing a friend or loved one out of jail can be a big decision to make. Oftentimes, the decision needs to be made quickly and the stakes are high. It important to know first what bailing someone out of jail really entails. When someone is arrested for being thought to have committed, there are typically two things that can happen to them.

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Bail Bonds

How A Bail Bond Works?

What Is A Bail Bond? When a person is arrested for being suspected of committing a crime, they are either held in prison or released on bail. Bail is money that a defendant pays to the court to be let out of jail. This is meant to assure that the defendant will show up to court.

What Is A Bail Bond Agent? Very often a bail is set at thousands and thousands of dollars. As in the case of many people, if a defendant finds themselves unable to pay the bail, they can seek out the services of a bail bondsman. A bail bondsman can post the bail allowing the defendant to get out of jail. In turn, the defendant must pay the bail bondsman typically ten percent of the total bail amount.

What Happens If I Cosign A Bail Bond? Through co-signing a bail bond, you the cosigner are liable financially to pay the full amount if the defendant fails to appear in court. This can, obviously, be a very financially risky move as your house or other property may potentially be up for forfeiture.

What Happens If The Defendant Fails To Appear In Court? If the defendant fails to appear in court, then the bail bondsmen are out for the ninety percent of the bail not paid by the defendant. The bail bondsman will pay this through whatever collateral the defendant or cosigner have been it property, stocks, and assets. A bail bondsman or bounty hunter can come after a defendant for skipping bail, especially if the defendants collateral damage fails to cover the cost of bail. The laws and policies governing bounty hunters differ by states, but typically the bounty hunter has the right to access the private property of the fugitive, but no one else’s. The bounty hunter can usually use force to make an arrest, but not excessive especially none involving any innocent bystanders.

What Happens If The Defendant Appears In Court? If the defendant appears in court until the end of the case, the bail bond is waived and any risked collateral is returned. The bail bondsman typically keeps the ten percent paid.

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